How Does the IT Industry Help Innovations in Healthcare? (part 1)


Over the last few years, the cooperation between the IT industry and Healthcare has increased considerably. Joining forces between these two giant industries years ago gives more than amazing results today. Let’s look into this cooperation from different perspectives by answering a few questions. What is visible and what is still staying “hidden”? How does this cooperation really help? What’s in the future?

This is true fact that technology nowadays is developing rapidly and this helps healthcare to develop the same way. Let’s look at a few of the newest achievements of this cooperation.


Artificial intelligence:

Artificial intelligence and all the software behind it is highly used in the Healthcare industry today. It is used mainly for di

agnostics and collecting data. Moreover, it is a main part of the clinical decision which is among the most complex tasks in doctors’ daily life. As in other industries, healthcare is no exception:  there are and will be robots that will help or completely substitute human actions, meaning the precision will be much accurate than we see nowadays. Imagine, you go to a doctor but there is a robot and it gives you a prescription after checking your blood tests. Still sounds weird and not right but this will likely become a reality that will stay, just like smartphones almost 12 years ago.
Okay, all from the above is not what we see every day, right? So, what is it?
Latest healthcare technology for the mass market is Smartwatches. Yes, that’s right. These little gadgets can tell you how your heart is doing, heart bpm, stress levels, your sleep data, and your activity and many more all related to your health and wellbeing. This trend is still developing but every day/week/month there is a crucial update from all the leading companies manufacturing smartwatches. These gadgets become very accurate and the plan is to be used as real health data and confirm or reject the health status of the owner in the very near future. These devices are very easy to work with by just opening an app on your mobile phone and check the data.


Virtual Reality:

Many software companies are getting virtual reality seriously and trying to provide the best software solutions for different purposes within the Healthcare industry.

Strange or not, these inventions are not for fun only. We all know how fun it can be and what marvelous time a person can have using these “big glasses”. Today, Virtual Reality is widely used in Healthcare and its role is very important. It helps surgeons with their trainings, meaning they will be numerous times more prepared comparing it to let’s say 10 years ago when their first attempt was on real-life patients. However, the technology is not applicable only for fresh surgeons. Many experienced professionals use it to invent new techniques or improve the current ones.
A wise man once said: “Experience and excellence come with repetitions”, which is absolutely valid today.

Furthermore, virtual reality helps patients with mental disorders and those who need rehabilitation. It is showing them the world from different angles and perspectives. The best part of all this is that it is considered to be a cost-effective method to provide all these benefits.


Mobile apps and trackers:

After discussing Smartwatches and similar gadgets it is worth mentioning mobile apps and trackers. These platforms running on almost everyone’s phones collect data and turn it into very meaningful insights. How much a person eats and what products are consumed, what is the activity and fitness levels and many more features for which can be written a lot.

It is not a secret that the number of people who started exercising in the last 5 years has increased. This is due to many factors but to be completely honest many of them started out of curiosity about such apps, after which sports have become a real passion. Tracking and counting food and calories intake are one of the most important factors in sports. There are numerous apps that can do this and widely used by everyone doing sports. All this leads to improved health and mental status, reduces stress levels and increases life longevity.

All in all, the IT industry has a large impact on Healthcare by supporting and improving many aspects. More digitalization involved means better, quicker and more accurate results in diagnosing, treating and improving patients’ health. We, from Motion Software, constantly support and develop different software solutions for companies which operate within Healthcare industries.

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