#LifeInMotion Summer 2021 – My Experience

My name is Iglika, and I am a digital strategic marketer and a creative writer with more than 15 years of experience worldwide. I am a passionate cinema geek, skier and windsurfer, camping enthusiast, and backpacker. I have been working with the Motion Software team and its clients for a few months now, and I was thrilled (and a bit surprised) when I got an invitation to join both the spring team building in Plovdiv and the summer edition on the Black Sea coast. Unfortunately, I could not make it for the much-needed retreat in the second biggest city of Bulgaria. However, I was ready for the ultimate beach experience – #LifeInMotion Summer 2021.

Although my family and I have a caravan just a few kilometers away from Perla Beach and Primorsko, and I could run home whenever I wanted to, I was a bit nervous about a weekend with people I have never met in person. I have indeed been talking to some of the team members online, discussing the progress of our joint projects, but still – sharing a weekend full of outdoor activities with them could be a very different experience. Especially for a person like me – with seven years of remote digital nomading. 

How it all began…

Our community manager Lubomira did not give me a chance to change my mind. She was so into the event’s organization, and very soon, her excitement got contagious. I started counting the days to the summer team building. Once she picked me up from my camping, I was sure that everything would be alright. We were accommodated at a 5-star hotel with a fantastic location and sea view.

For just a few hours, I was introduced to the team, and the party began at Beach Bar Aventura. It’s located in the middle of one of the best beaches in the southern part of the Black Sea coast – Perla Beach. The party was powerful, the people cheerful and the dances hot. I was so blessed to have a team of iron ladies around who did not allow me to welcome the sunrise. Thank you, Ioana Stoyanova and Krassy Kalcheva, for the pleasant walk to the hotel during the night and the switch from wine to mineral water – a very strategic decision, indeed. 

The Activities

These few hours of sleep were a very clever step before the water sports activities on Saturday, warmly hosted by Akasha Surf School and their welcoming instructors. We tried various activities – windsurfing, SUP, kayaking, Hawaiian surfing – a lot of fun for advanced water sports fans and beginners. Motion Software CEO Christo Peev took care of the cold drinks and the Community manager Lubomira for the protein bars and the fruits. Priceless snacks for all tired, happy people. 

But wait, there was more! Once we were done surfing, I joined a group of ten enthusiasts eager to explore nature around. We made a nice walk to Maslen point (not counting the mosquitos) and enjoyed some beer, fish and chips, and an astonishing sea view. If I need to regret anything, it was the missed opportunity to swim around the picturesque bay. Another 1,5 hours walk was still ahead. It was friendly and pleasant, thanks to the inspiring talks with all crew members. However, the one with Delyanka Sirakova about creative writing was my favorite. 

The Dinner

After a few minutes of walking around, it was time for yet another adventure – a very delicious BBQ dinner and a romantic bonfire. We did not care about the summer rain that tried to ruin the party. The weather underestimated the natural force that is Lubomira. She did not undervalue all the small obstacles during that fantastic weekend. Lubomira relocated (with her secret magic power and some human help) all the people, food, and drinks. And that unforgettable night went so smoothly and happily that some of us were awake till the sunrise. Not me, my guardian angel drove me home safe and quick. 

#LifeInMotion – The Closing Ceremony

There was a fun competition with a giant SUP, some running and jumping jacks (not easy at all, I swear!!!). The winners got cool branded hoodies from Motion Software. If you were not part of them or missed the teambuilding, don’t despair – share your #lifeinmotion experiences on your social media accounts. There will be special surprises. Till then, you can enjoy all the fantastic pictures from one of the best team buildings ever. And keep the smile on your happy summer faces. 


Iglika Kassabova is a digital strategic marketer and a creative writer with more than 15 years of experience worldwide. A passionate cinema geek, skier and windsurfer, camping enthusiast, and backpacker.


Motion Software starts operating under the name of its parent company Exadel, taking effect on July 15th.

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