Mini Conf & Birthday Party 2021

Last week Motion Software organized an exciting networking event and invited digital specialists of all realms to join! The event was part of our company’s annual mini-conferences series. Traditionally, we decided to combine it with Motion Software’s 6th birthday party! And what a night it was! 

The Future Of Work

This year’s event was dedicated to the hottest topic for us all – “The Future Of Work”. And that’s why all speakers at the event are flagmen of this new work revolution. They shared their expertise, experience, and most importantly, their vision for what’s coming next. And it turned into an amazing discussion of how to make the most of this new world of endless opportunities. One thing is certain – there’s no going back to the old ways.  

future of work

The Speakers

To kick it all off, Motion Software CEO Christo Peev greeted all colleagues and guests and invited the first speaker to the stage. 

Georgi Ivanov – Noble Hire

Georgi Ivanov is the CEO and founder of Noble Hirea referral-based hiring marketplace that leverages the power of employer branding and referral networks. He spoke about the freedom and advantages of working remotely. In the second part of his presentation, he shared his vision of what the 7 key most valuable skills in the 21st century are. 

georgi ivanov

Veronika Nacheva – Motion Software

Our very own Veronika Nacheva touched upon the most important foundation for any future endeavor – the future of education. It is only natural that the shift we are experiencing in the way we work will also have a huge impact on the world of education. She talked about the importance of nurturing the next generation of specialists in the right way, facilitating their induction into the labor market, and why the inclusion of young people with little to no experience might be the missing ingredient in unlocking a more successful future of work. 

veronika nacheva

Kiril Gantchev – ST6

Kiril Gantchev is the CEO and co-founder of ST6 – a company delivering expertise and consulting services in the fields of software development, DevOps, cloud technologies, and more. What got the audience excited during his presentation was his way of presenting the company’s unique structure of self-management and transparency. A novel concept that might just be what we all need to strike the right note! 

Thank you Georgi, Veronika, and Kiril for turning the evening into such a valuable and thought-provoking event! 

kiril gantchev

The Birthday Party

Following the intriguing and inspiring discussions, everybody was ready for some real fun! Fortunately, we were once again at a wonderful outdoor venue in central Sofia – Kino Kabana – right in front of the National Palace of Culture. We proceeded to have an evening full of wonderful music and great fun!

Happy 6th Birthday, Motion Software! 

the party


Motion Software starts operating under the name of its parent company Exadel, taking effect on July 15th.

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