Motion Software Birthday In The Mountains. An Adventure To Remember.


Every year since 2015, as October enters our calendar we know that Motion Birthday is about to come. 2019 had the full spectrum of experiences and we went through a lot.

We had our ups and downs, we failed, we learned, we succeeded, we expanded our team and now our mission and vision are stronger than ever. We can proudly say that our team is built by outstanding professionals. What we value the most is our positiveness, friendship and a healthy work environment.

At Motion, we strongly believe that quality work comes with quality rest, so every month we try to sustain our energy and motivation with mountain gatherings, fun game nights together or just going out for a beer.

We combined our love of nature and our birthday…

Location: Pirin      Duration: 2 days       Peaks reached: 1       Fun had: 10/10

Pirin is one of the highest mountains in Bulgaria, situated in the South-Western part of the country. The Pirin’s relief is alpine, manifested by moraines, rocky thresholds, lakes, U-shaped valleys, steep and high peaks (40 of them above 2500m.). No need saying that Pirin’s beauty is outstanding.

Some of the most popular peaks in Pirin are Vihren (2914 m.), Kutelo (2908 m.), Sinanitsa (2516 m.), Muratov (2669 m.), Kamenitsa (2822 m.), Dzhano (2668 m.) and more. Bezbog peak (2645m.) was our goal and it took us around 2 hours to get to the highest point and about an hour and a half to go back to the hut. The way to the top had an easy part, a steep part and a final rocky part which we passed gloriously. On the top was pretty cold and foggy but totally worth it. To be honest it is amazing to see what nature does to humans – an absolute joy and feel of great accomplishment and humbleness. It is just like connecting your body with your essence. 

Down at the hut we had a well-deserved lunch of warm soup and some home-made bread. On our way back with the lift, we’ve witnessed the true beauty of the autumn – translucent colors and golden views. Our weekend continued with visiting the Spa center near Dobrinishte – a small and lovely city in Pirin.

In the foothills of Pirin, you can find lots of alive villages and small towns. Bansko is one of them and it is the biggest ski-resort in Bulgaria. We booked a family-run guest house there and we were lucky to be hosted by the sweetest ladies on Earth. 

A traditional home-made dinner. CAUTION: May cause envy!

  • A delicious home-grown salad made of greens, tomatoes, cucumbers and onions
  • Some fresh cow cheese and a pizza-like dish made of red peppers 
  • The so-called KAPAMA made by a traditional local recipe
  • Not to forget the Bulgarian RAKIA – the favorite drink of many tourists


Sunny October Days

The next morning after breakfast we went to see the local market where you can find plenty of craftsman goods, delicious home-made jams, honey, herbs and many more.

On our way to Sofia we stopped by a carting track near the highway. After several hours of racing we set up the endpoint for our trip – all of us tired, but happy.


It is always a good choice to spend some time in the mountain but when you are in a good company it is even better!

Many more adventures are coming for Motion Teamers and this was one to remember.



Motion Software starts operating under the name of its parent company Exadel, taking effect on July 15th.

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