Romania’s Best Cities for Remote Work

Romania has recently introduced a special digital nomad visa in hopes to become Europe’s new hotspot for digital nomads and remote workers alike. By doing so, this Eastern European country has now joined several other nations in Central and Eastern Europe who have already joined the race to attract the best tech talent. And rightfully so. In the world of remote working Romania has everything going for it: one of the most reliable and fastest internet connections in the world, accessible housing, unspoiled natural beauty, and a low cost of living. 

In fact, Romania was already on a lot of people’s lists for great digital nomad destinations way before this new digital nomad visa was introduced. Romania is the 12th largest country in Europe. Subsequently, there are many options for digital nomads to consider and explore. In this article, we are looking at Romania’s best cities for remote work. 


Let’s kick it all off with the capital. Bucharest feels huge. It is indeed the country’s largest city (and EU’s 5th largest city) and main economic hub. Its wide boulevards and huge buildings contribute to the feeling of being in a really big city. Bucharest might not be the most beautiful city you’ve ever visited but if you enjoy the big-city life – that’s Romania’s best offer for you. Bucharest is a local IT hub and has attracted a lot of foreign investors. It also has an exciting start-up scene. In fact, Bucharest was recently voted as the world’s best city for remote work by the Remote Working Index Report by Broadband Deals. The average cost of living is around 800EUR per month. 

For the history buffs, Bucharest has a charming old town and a brutal yet fascinating communist history. If you plan on traveling regularly to other European cities, Bucharest is by far Romania’s best-connected city with flights to over 100 destinations. Bucharest boasts some wonderful co-working options: 

Tech Hub

Commons Romania

Impact Hub

Hotspot Workhub

And many more



Now we’re talking. Brasov screams “remote work heaven”. This mid-sized town of around 250k inhabitants has a picturesque old town with cobblestone streets that will charm you. You will surely enjoy Brasov, especially if you are a nature and winter sports lover. Situated right at the foot of the Carpathian mountains, the Brasov area boasts several skiing options. The Poiana Brasov ski resort is only 15-minutes away. There are also various sights in the surrounding area such as the Bran Castle and Rasnov Citadel. The average cost of living is around 750EUR per month.

The downsides of Brasov are that its closest airport is the Bucharest airport and is not that well connected to the rest of Romania. Fortunately, a local Brasov airport is expected to open later in 2022. If Brasov is your choice here are a few wonderful co-working options: 


Hubba Hubba

Hub 1317

brasov for remote workers


Romania really has it all. Constanta is the pearl of the Romanian Black Sea coast. A port city of around 300k inhabitants, Constanta is a great base if you would prefer exploring more of the Black Sea coast. The city is well connected with the capital Bucharest. You can choose between a 2 and a half-hour drive or a 3-hour train ride. With an average cost of living of 700EUR per month, it’s one of Romania’s most affordable main cities. There are only 2 coworking options in Constanta:

Tomis Hub Constanta


constanta romania


Romania’s third-largest city also happens to be one of the country’s main tech hubs which makes it a must on this list. The city is famous for its pedestrian old town, wonderful parks, and outdoor cafe culture. It is conveniently located at close proximity to neighboring Hungary and Serbia. That makes it a good base if you would like to explore that area by car. Timisoara also has its own airport with quite a few connections to major European cities. The average cost of living is around 700EUR per month. Coworking options are:

Workify Workify

Cowork Timisoara – The Garden



Last but definitely not least on our list is Romania’s second-largest city. Cluj Napoca has seen rapid development over the last few decades becoming an IT stronghold. Home to a number of universities and historical and natural landmarks it makes for the perfect digital nomad destination. Because of its young population, it also happens to be a hotspot for nightlife. If you happen to be a fan of electronic music – Cluj Napoca is your best bet. The average monthly cost of living in Cluj Napoca would be around 800 EUR. The city has been developing so rapidly over the last decade that it has now outpriced the capital Bucharest. Naturally, it also has some great coworking options like:

Cluj Cowork


Silicon Forest

cluj napoca

Things to consider before choosing Romania as your next remote work stop

  • Romania is a member of the EU. However, it is not part of Schengen. Keep that in mind when sorting out your Visa application. Learn more about Schengen travel.
  • If you consider staying in Romania permanently you can do so by setting up a company and paying taxes locally. Keep in mind that this can be rather costly and might require some time and patience.
  • It’s important to have the right expectations. Romania is a wonderful country with great people, food, nature, and a favorite of digital nomads. However, it is still a rather conservative society.
  • There are very few downsides to being a digital nomad in Romania. That being said, the country’s overall international image has hindered its appeal to larger digital nomad communities. It’s worth noting that the country is still struggling to deal with corruption and crime. That being said, it is highly unlikely that that would affect your stay in the country in any way.
  • Be careful if you are planning on getting behind the wheel. Romania has among the highest numbers of road casualties in Europe.

If you think Romania has won you over then you are most probably already thinking about how to figure out all administrative challenges that might occur. Need help? Romania is also one of Motion Software’s talent hubs. 

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