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DC Byte is a leading global company based in London that provides an enterprise SaaS platform for market analysis in the data center industry. It includes both user data from numerous data center operators and the company’s own research.

“It’s fair to say that Motion Software were instrumental in transforming our product from from the germ of an idea into an industry-leading platform. With Motion Software we have a development team which can scale headcount up and down as business needs require while retaining a core group which is familiar with our product. I look forward to continuing to work with Motion Software for many years to come and would be happy to recommend them to anyone.”

– Edward Galvin, CEO of DC Byte


After creating the MVP of the web application and connecting the first customers, DC Byte approached us because they wanted to iterate quickly and improve the platform’s UX based on feedback from the first users. Our goal was to complete this phase as quickly as possible so that we could realize DC Byte’s long-term vision.

At that time, the client planned to successfully launch their first SaaS product (a data center site selection tool), and prepare for a subsequent push into data and analytics with DC Byte Analytics.


Motion Software initially provided a dedicated project manager and developer. Our first task in product development was to improve existing platform features and development processes, which were taken up by the newly assembled engineering team. The UX team developed the design and prototype of the first SaaS product, DC Byte SiteSelector (now called Project Planner), which helped our client establish new partnerships with some of the largest real estate companies in the world.

After expanding the team with two more developers and a qualified QA, in preparation for DC Byte Analytics, we designed and developed a system that leverages the client’s research capabilities and blends them with various external data sources to create interactive reports about the market and companies. This created a product that gives users a comprehensive overview of trends in the data center industry.


Since partnering with Motion Software in 2019, DC Byte has completed a number of funding rounds and has expanded into many regions in Europe, Asia and North America. The company is now expanding internationally and is looking to innovate by launching new products in the DC Byte suite. Motion Software continues to support the client with a remote expert team of 5 developers, 1 QA and a project manager.

Kester Capital, a UK lower mid-market private equity specialist, acquired a majority stake in DC Byte in December 2022.

The investment represents Kester’s third investment in the information & data sector. Backed by experience in scaling data and information businesses, Kester is an excellent partner to support the future growth of DC Byte in providing the data center industry with more and more insight.”




Motion Software starts operating under the name of its parent company Exadel, taking effect on July 15th.

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