Turkey’s Best Cities for Remote Work

Turkey’s largest city and one of the world’s most historically and culturally exciting destinations – Istanbul, recently ranked at #13 out of 50 in Big Seven Travel’s 2021 list. And understandably so. In fact, we would have probably placed it even higher. As Napoleon once said, “If the world was only one country, Istanbul would be its capital!”.

This city has it all. It’s the original East meets West melting pot with countless sights and places to explore. If you are choosing a destination with the intention of staying for several years – that’s your best bet. Istanbul is one of those places where even if you live there your entire life you still wouldn’t be able to see and experience everything it has to offer. It is also one of the world’s cheapest megacities with top infrastructure and high livability. 


Istanbul deserves its own article and is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to options for remote work in Turkey. And that’s why, in this post, we’ll be looking at some of the country’s other locations suitable for remote work. 


Located on the Aegean coast Turkey’s 3rd largest city will win you over with its Mediterranean feel and access to countless beach resorts. Izmir has a population of around 4 million. It’s a very modern and young city (around half of its inhabitants are aged 30 or below) as it’s one of the country’s important university hubs. The average monthly cost of living would be around 830 EUR. If Izmir is your choice, here are some of the best co-working options: 







Now this one is for all the lovers of beach resorts. We might even add that it’s one of Turkey’s most glamorous destinations as it’s also a favorite of a lot of Hollywood stars. Apart from all the private resorts, villas, yacht clubs, and fancy restaurants, Bodrum’s Old Town is also a treat for all history and culture buffs. In fact, this ancient city happens to be the birthplace of Herodotus and has plenty of archeological sites.

Your average monthly cost of living in Bodrum would be around 830 EUR. Contrary to Izmir however, Bodrum is much smaller and lacks proper coworking infrastructure and reliable connections. If you have everything you need you might want to try working from:

Kahve Dunyasi

Duvar Cafe & Nargile

bodrum turkey


If you are looking to work in a resort-like setting – Antalya is the place for you. That’s Turkey’s largest city on its Mediterranean southern coast. It is probably the most well-known mass tourism destination in the country. It’s also a good choice for you if you happen to be considering setting up your own business in the field. It boasts large resorts, holiday entertainment infrastructure, and all facilities you might need. If you feel like you need to escape for a couple of days – don’t worry! Antalya is surrounded by beautiful green mountains and historical ruins.

The average monthly cost of living would be around 820 EUR. Some of your co-working options are:

Work c

Tur-An Ofis




Sometimes people tend to gravitate more towards places that have a more cosmopolitan feel. That’s most of the country’s west side. Bursa, on the other hand, is more authentic. And that’s an understatement. Due to the concentration of Ottoman architecture the entire city is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. 

If you are moving together with your family Bursa is also a great option. It’s famous for its green policies. Considering it has more than 2 million inhabitants, it’s one of Turkey’s greenest cities, full of parks and forests. Oh yeah, last but not least – the Uludag Mountain. If you are a winter sports junkie its ski resorts are there for you.

The average cost of living in Bursa would be around 950 EUR per month. Favorite coworking spaces are: 


Ofis Loft

Vegan Kantin

The Workery 

bursa turkey


Things to consider before choosing Turkey for your next remote work stop:

  1. Keep in mind that Turkey is not a member of the European Union, so you will most probably need a visa for an extended stay.
  2. If you are staying in Turkey for more than 6 months, you have to make sure your immigration status is correct. Also, check if you owe any income tax.
  3. If you are moving to a less-known tourist destination chances are you won’t meet many English speakers, so communication might be a challenge.
  4. Be well informed about the pros and cons of relocating to Turkey and have realistic expectations. The lifestyle, food, and culture are amazing while you might sometimes find Turkish bureaucracy a bit challenging.

If you think Turkey has won you over then you are most probably already thinking about how to figure out all administrative challenges that might occur. Here’s a very useful guide on everything you need to know. Turkey is also one of Motion Software’s talent hubs. 


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