Why is Bulgaria the best post-COVID-19 destination for the IT industry?

As some of us are slowly starting to get tired of hearing about the “new normal” many industries are already aware that it’s here to stay. As always, the IT sector is looking forward and is quickly adapting to this new challenge. What seemed to be a pretty stressful situation at first is now seen as an opportunity for many to achieve a healthier work environment. 

The concept of “home office” has been gaining momentum for the past decade. However, for many, it was still a mirage or an occasional occurrence. Some are now quick to point out that one of the few positives that came out of the pandemic was the necessity to speed up this process. So what’s next? Many employers have now dubbed this “experiment” as successful. That means that this is a trend that will most likely be kept and nurtured in the post-coronavirus world. 

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Working from home or… working from… anywhere?   

Of course, many have realized that in the long run “home office” doesn’t necessarily mean working from home. In fact, working from the beach or moving to a different country whilst keeping your job is something that has crossed a lot of people’s minds. Now that you don’t need to rent a flat in London’s Zone 1 and spend half of your income on that, the question inevitably pops up: Where do I go now?

We have the answer… Bulgaria!

Okay, we might be a bit biased as Sofia is one of our main hubs, but having experienced it first hand, we have a whole list of reasons why this is a good idea: 

1. A growing IT Hub

Bulgaria’s tradition in IT goes way back. However, in recent years, the sector has seen one of its fastest growths. It is now one of the main drivers of the Bulgarian economy. 

2. A vibrant and exciting ecosystem

The country is home to an incredible community of young specialists, organizations, educational institutions, and large companies that cover almost every inch of the digital world. You’ll be surrounded by talented people that will always inspire you to learn and grow within your field of interest. 

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3. Digital education  

Bulgaria also happens to be home to the next generation of digital specialists. It boasts some of the leading educational institutions in the region. Most notably – SoftUni, which is now the preferred choice by thousands of aspiring professionals. Therefore, Bulgaria is ready to welcome all. Well-established specialists and also beginners and people eager to enter the world of IT in the future. 

4. Internet connection

The country prides itself on providing some of Europe’s fastest and most reliable internet connection. That includes the widespread availability of free internet in public areas. Including parks, squares, pedestrian zones, state institutions, almost all of Sofia’s metro, etc.

5. Something for every taste

Whether you prefer the big-city life, being completely detached in a remote mountain village, working from the beach, or spending your winters in trendy ski resorts – Bulgaria has it all. Naturally, the country’s capital, Sofia has the highest density of people working in the IT field. There are now growing communities in other cities as well. Most notably, Plovdiv, Varna, and Vratsa. However, in recent years we have witnessed people basing in rural Bulgaria as it’s peaceful, spacious, and beautiful.

6. It’s affordable

This one is a bit of a cliché and people have grown tired of hearing it but it is true. Bulgaria is one of the cheapest countries in Europe. That being said, prices could vary as Sofia, for example, is more expensive than the rest of the country. Still, more affordable than most European capitals. 

7. Standard of living and work-life balance

This one is cited by many as a main contributor when choosing Bulgaria. It’s actually a combination of several factors. One being covering your monthly expenses (rent,bills,groceries,etc) and still being able to spend a large chunk of your income on fun, eating out, travelling, etc. Getting around fairly quickly without spending hours stuck in traffic is also a major factor. That is possible even if you live in the capital as it is a fairly compact city. It’s also an outdoor city full of parks and bars, making it full of options for an incredible after-work lifestyle. Mixing that up with the great climate, incredible food and countless opportunities for a weekend getaway, there will never be a dull moment in Bulgaria.

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Here at Motion Software, we are always looking for talent. So, if you happen to be on a quest for your next career chapter and are looking for a position with possibilities for fully remote work we are here for you.

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