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The gray November days have brightened up as an extensive article dedicated to Motion Software was published in the latest issue of one of Bulgaria’s leading business media outlets –

This new write-up focuses on Motion Software’s key “people first” philosophy, remote work as the future of work, and an interview with Motion Software CEO, Christo Peev. It also highlights the company’s recent merge with Exadel and what lies ahead for it as part of this larger structure. 

Key Insights

  • Motion Software’s state-of-the-art platform helps companies hire the best remote IT teams for their needs
  • Business is clearly on the rise as revenues have doubled in 2021
  • Motion Software was recently acquired by American IT consultancy giant, Exadel

Inspired by freedom

The “work from anywhere” philosophy existed long before the pandemic. It has been at the heart of Motion Software since its establishment in 2015. Christo Peev, a keen remote work enthusiast, established and structured the company around his belief that the future is remote. 7 years later, Motion Software’s digital remote work platform enables companies from all around the world to create their dream team of developers. Clients are diverse, vary in size and come from different sectors – fintech, digital healthcare, blockchain, banks. 

Factory for Entrepreneurs

Further on Christo Peev talks about his career path and how he came to realize that he was wasting his time in offices. He reflects on how at just 23, he developed his first startup, LEAP – a social network for extreme sports which came second at Lisbon Challenge, a program for startup acceleration. LEAP became too costly at the time, but inspired Christo to work towards establishing a successful company that he could one day sell. 

A vision that came to be

Motion Software in its essence is a company for remote hiring of talents and team management which connects a client to the technical experts and specialists they require. The company’s main product is called WhoIsAvailable (WIA) – a platform for workforce management created for business acceleration. It combines functionalities for recruitment, client interactions, and candidate tracking, made to suit the needs of the clients. The platform is subscription based. 

For years Motion Software has been partnering with SoftUni (Bulgaria’s leading educational institution for all things digital) and attracts the best junior developers who receive further training and later have the opportunity to join various projects. 

Even after its acquisition by Exadel, Motion Software keeps its horizontal organizational structure where each person is self-managed and has well-defined responsibilities. The company continues to benefit from its “people-first” culture and to depend on the ideas, talent and energy of its employees.

The Interview

“I believe that good companies are those where people are happy, everyone can make a change and their voice – heard. If someone makes a good proposal it gets voted by all.”

“We budget 5 000 EUR annually for education, professional and talent development for each employee. We are happy to support changes in career paths even if you are a developer and decide that you want to be a pianist! It’s in the added value. We have people who leave the company, become entrepreneurs and seek to work with us again, this time as partners. Because we gave them the chance to flourish…”, concludes Peev.

This summer Motion Software became part of Exadel, property of Sun Capital equity investment fund, and Christo Peev became the new Vice President of Innovations at Exadel.

“The main reason why we joined Exadel is because we have a similar organizational culture, values and way of work. I do not expect adverse changes.”

Christo Peev sees the acquisition as a great chance to establish new remote work locations, to attract more tallents and expand markets. 

You will find the full article at article

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Motion Software starts operating under the name of its parent company Exadel, taking effect on July 15th.

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