Fullstack Engineer

  • Javascript
  • Ruby
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • jQuery
  • API
  • SQL
  • NoSQL
  • Bash
ABOUT the job

About RIOS

RIOS is a technology company helping global customers automate their factories, warehouses, and supply chain operations by deploying a new class of AI-powered and dexterous robots. RIOS robots handle hard-to-automate tasks, typically requiring human-level dexterity, in unstructured environments. RIOS is headquartered in Palo Alto, CA and has a manufacturing facility in Menlo Park, CA, as well as a fabrication facility in San Carlos, CA. More information is available at www.rios.ai.

RIOS Is looking for a Full Stack Developer to participate in the building out and maintenance of RIOS' hybrid-cloud front-end and back-end infrastructure. Users include internal as well as external clients.

Responsibilities of the Role Include:

- Develop (e.g., REST) API's for interacting (e.g., CRUD) with backend storage infrastructure (databases, S3)
- Work with multi-modal data stores, standardize formats, and organize data objects
- Write production software deployed in containered environments
- Develop cohesive front-end experience across multiple RIOS products (internal and external)
- Develop and integrate tools/GUIs for distributed web annotation (including 3D)
- Develop human-machine interfaces (HMIs) for use on RIOS products
- Synthesize internal & external customer requirements to create the desired UX
- Actively practice scrum/agile, CI/CD workflows

Attributes of desired candidates may include some of the following:

- B.S. with 2+ years industry experience in Computer Science or related field (or equivalent)
- A track record of deploying and maintaining code in production
- Expertise in UX, Human Computer Interaction, and or Human Robot Interaction
- Experience working with graphics APIs (e.g. OpenGL) and frameworks
- Expertise with databases such as SQL, NoSQL, PostGres, and cloud solutions
- Experience working with Ruby, HTML, CSS, Javascript, jQuery
- Expertise in Python, bash, linux systems, networking, object stores (e.g., S3)
- Knowledge in scaling data-driven systems
- Experience with distributed data ingestion pipelines (Multi-cloud / multiple physical locations)
- Experience debugging and working with container environments (e.g., Dockers)
- Attention to details such as documentation, version control and reproducibility



This is a full-time job opportunity, where you’d be working on projects lasting 12 months on average.  At the end of the period, you will be able to continue being a Pro Consultant by getting assigned to another exciting project. The continuity of your permanent employment with all social and additional benefits included is guaranteed by Motion Software.

Senior Software Engineer
Motion Software provides a unique work environment that allows for remote/hybrid working, providing the best of both worlds. Projects that I've worked on are both exciting and challenging and have helped me grow both professionally and personally. The company frequently organizes team-building events and creates a fun and energetic work environment that fosters camaraderie and collaboration among employees. I like that people in Motion Software are fun, easy-going and very active. Working in Motion Software feels a lot more like a cool gathering with your friends, than just a job.
Full-Stack Developer
Be able to work from any point in the world. Friendly and communicative team members and crew. Be able to speak freely and open to anyone from the company. Helpful and understanding staff and members.
Remote Work Advisor
Fully remote, flex hours, great benefits and community around the company. Great working place for people with different lifestyles, mum - friendly and with a great vibe.




Motion Software starts operating under the name of its parent company Exadel, taking effect on July 15th.

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