Clojure Developer

  • Clojure
  • Scala
  • JVM
ABOUT the job

We are looking for a team member for the smart services team. The team is working very collaboratively and developing new features that would be then launched into several different markets where the Energy company operates.

In this team it is important that the new team member is highly communicative, wants to build new features and create new solutions. The work/tasks cannot always be extremely precisely documented, and the team needs to find out how to create new features. Creative, talkative and proactive person would be a good fit in this team.

The future roadmap might include other smart home -related features. Currently the team is developing and operating functionalities around smart ev charging that allows end users to optimise when and on what price they are charging their EV at home. This feature is working now in Norway and Sweden.

Ratio of new features /maintenance:
○ Some maintenance tasks to keep up the current web-portal and mobile app working for the current customers until the new will be launched (1-2 years).
○ New feature development and further development of the smart charging feature.

Job Location



The team has been developing mobile application, web application (customer portal) and new “smart” features (smart services) for local Norwegian energy/electricity customers in clojure/clojurescript. The team’s focus in the future will be only continuing with the smart services, and the mobile application and web application will be in maintenance mode until new mobile application (React Native) and web customer portal (React, Node) is taking over.

ABOUT the candidate

● Development of features in Smart Services team. Features to be launched in many geographical markets
● Maintenance of the built applications
● Keeping the code base in good shapе


Must haves:
● Clojure (if not experience already, then big interest to learn)
○ Experience with Scala or other functional programming experiences on the JVM is a bonus of course. Knowledge with the paradigm here is helpful
● Great collaboration skills. Team mind-set, person needs to be able to work with any team member - people working in pairs and changing focus inside the team, to get to know the code base
● Ability and willingness to learn - person doesn’t have to be jack of all trades, but needs to show capability of learning new.

Nice to have:
● Front-end skills would be good
○ React, React Native

Nice To Have Skills
  • React
  • React Native



This is a full-time job opportunity, where you’d be working on projects lasting 12 months on average.  At the end of the period, you will be able to continue being a Pro Consultant by getting assigned to another exciting project. The continuity of your permanent employment with all social and additional benefits included is guaranteed by Motion Software.

Senior Software Engineer
Motion Software provides a unique work environment that allows for remote/hybrid working, providing the best of both worlds. Projects that I've worked on are both exciting and challenging and have helped me grow both professionally and personally. The company frequently organizes team-building events and creates a fun and energetic work environment that fosters camaraderie and collaboration among employees. I like that people in Motion Software are fun, easy-going and very active. Working in Motion Software feels a lot more like a cool gathering with your friends, than just a job.
Full-Stack Developer
Be able to work from any point in the world. Friendly and communicative team members and crew. Be able to speak freely and open to anyone from the company. Helpful and understanding staff and members.
Remote Work Advisor
Fully remote, flex hours, great benefits and community around the company. Great working place for people with different lifestyles, mum - friendly and with a great vibe.



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