How does the IT industry fight Corona Virus (COVID 19)?

How does the IT industry fight Corona Virus (COVID 19)?

COVID 19 will be probably the most used word of the 21st century. The news informs us that the pandemic situation is putting many businesses to the edge of bankruptcy leaving people jobless and elevate fear in everyone. The cure seems to be far from its invention and only social isolation can “cure” and prevent the virus to spread out.
The facts are facts, but let’s look on the other side of the coin and focus on the positive part which comes on the first line and beyond.
Then, how exactly the companies within the IT industry helps the fight COVID 19?
Let’s look at this matter from the Healthcare perspective.
Many software platforms and mobile applications have been developed in the last month to track, analyze, consult and investigate all involved in the battle with COVID 19. Medics, patients, governments and whole countries benefit from this software. Here are a few examples to check out.

Mobile apps:

The main purpose of the mobile apps is tracking the positively diagnosed patients, their contacts with the only purpose to prevent spreading out the disease. To make things clear and show this tracking out of the shadow, the following example must be provided. As we all know, the overall incubation period of COVID 19 is 14 days, meaning a man can be infected without any symptoms 14 days but still spread out the virus. Here comes the role of COVID19 mobile tracking apps. The responsible medics will know perfectly with whom the infected person met and where he went so they can test the potentially infected contacts and try to prevent those people to spread it.
The other groups of mobile apps fighting COVID19 are focused directly on the person and the symptoms. So, for example, if someone has certain symptoms familiar with COVID19 a person can install the app and mark present symptoms and overall health status including all additional diagnoses like diabetes, high – blood pressure, heart diseases, etc. Then the app is putting the symptoms into a database and respectively all the responsible authorities for prevention are informed that there is a person who is in risk group or potentially infected with COVID19.


Software Healthcare platforms:

Many governments worldwide invested and continue to do so in local IT companies to create software that helps in fighting the COVID19. This software is mostly used to analyze, track and form statistics regarding the diagnosed, cured or potentially infected people. Big sets of data are analyzed to understand how does this virus is infecting, developing in the human body. Inevitable, these statistics give direction to all the medics to find the best way to cure diagnosed patients. One of the best math models were implemented to “predict” when the picks will be present or how many people will be possibly infected, etc. This helps also to harden or ease the measures that every government is taking to fight the COVID19. Logically, this leads to predict how the economy will develop in short or long terms.
As mentioned above, there is no cure and vaccine but thankfully to software that analyzes the COVID19 behavior from all over the world, the laboratories are one step closer every day to invent them.
All in all, the IT industry proves once again that it is playing an important part in the everyday life of everyone. Certainly, it will take a step further and speed up the process of everyone involved in fighting and preventing COVID19 and on the other hand, these who are trying to invent the cure and vaccine to stop once and forever the diseases of 21st century.

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