At Motion Software, we believe we can create awesomeness and build a true legacy following our adventurous spirit. We are a community where all people help each other develop their potential. Our goal is to unleash the hidden powers inside us and spread the knowledge to those around us.


Dobri Dobrev Tech Entrepreneur
Monika Zapryanova Technology Consultant
Hristo Tenchev Entrepreneur
Martin Obretenov AI / ML Advisor
Mihaela Savova Artist and Entrepreneur
Svetlin Nakov Educator
Ilko Iliev Filmmaker
Silvia Pribilovska Journalist
Ivan Nenkov CEO at SoftUni
Vasil Tuchkov Art Director
Veso Ovcharov Athlete
Veselin Penkov Innovations Consultant
"It is great to be part of a fresh group of people, motivated, energising, with a can-do attitude, driven to tackle issues and to use the latest and greatest innovations."
Monika Zapryanova Technology Consultant
"I'm thrilled to partner with a company that aims to make the labour market a better place and gives priority to essential things that many others still neglect, such as diversity, work-life balance, self-growth."
Veselin Penkov Innovations Consultant
"It's amazing to be part of this powerhouse of like-minded professionals, determined to drive progress forward and lead technology, through smart work, balance and personal development."
Vasil Tuchkov Art Director

recent Events
Autumn Team Building in Apriltsi

Apriltsi, Bulgaria 07/10/2022

Let's gather and enjoy some fun times together in the heart of the Central Balkan National Park

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#lifeinmotion Outpost in Apriltsi

Apriltsi, Bulgaria 03/10/2022

Our next week away working together from a remote place will be in the mountains!

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Motion Software Conf & Birthday Party – “The Art of Remote”

Kitchen59, Sofia 29/09/2022

Great talks on remote work, networking opportunities, cocktails, mouth-watering birthday cake...and tons of fun.

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#lifeinmotion outpost in Sinemorets

Sinemorets 12/06/2022

Two-week outpost event in Sinemorets

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Exhibitors @ Vitalis

Sweden 17/05/2022

Motion Software was an exhibitor at the largest eHealth summit in the Nordics - Vitalis.

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Tech in motion meetup: Cluj-Napoca

ECGarden 26/05/2022

The first of the event series aims to bring developers and other technocrats together in the coolest tech spots across Eastern Europe.

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