How to Avoid Procrastination as a Remote Worker?

Remote work is the gift that keeps on giving when done the right way. Adjusting to it can take some time. Analyzing the challenges it brings along with all its positive effects is what we should all be doing constantly. In this article, we’ll be looking at the most common challenge people face when working remotely – procrastination. 

The transition from the traditional office to working from home hasn’t been easy for most people. It’s always a good idea to take advice from those who already have some experience. Motion Software was founded as a fully remote company and we are here to help. 

The issue of procrastination is an issue of the mindset. Some claim that working from home has made them more productive and efficient. Others insist that going back to the office is essential. That can only mean one thing. It all comes down to the individual. We all have a different way of approaching work. We feel productive in different settings, different hours, and different scenarios. Addressing how you feel and understanding your needs will lead you to what works best for you. Here are 7 tips that can help you become more aware of your process and how to tackle the issue of procrastination.

1. Acknowledge the issue. 

People who procrastinate usually feel guilty about it. The more they procrastinate the more they get stuck in the cycle of feeling bad about themselves. Admitting the issue to yourself is the first step towards fixing it.

2. Remove all distractions 

Whether working from home or from a remote location distractions are everywhere. If you are working from home make sure to set up a home office space that is detached from all other possible distractions. If you have all your activities at the same place it will be hard for you to concentrate on your work. Separating the spaces of your own home can help your subconscious recognize that your home-office corner is where work is getting done and your sofa is used for relaxing and spending time with your family. In short, don’t work from your sofa. 

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3. Take regular short breaks

When working remotely you are in charge. You don’t have fixed breaks like in the office. However, you still need to plan those to avoid a constant feeling of “I’ll do this in a minute”. Plan your breaks. That will give your day a structure. Not having this type of self-organization can lead to you wasting precious time. 

4. Plan your day – make a schedule

Plan your tasks for the day and stick to your schedule. Approach your work day the same way you would if you are in the office. Preparing a list of tasks for the day and fitting them into your available time will help you stay organized. 

5. Measure results

What have I done today? Asking yourself this question will help you understand if you’ve actually had a meaningful and productive day. Set up goals and expectations and try to meet them every single day. The use of technology can play a big part in measuring your results. Depending on the field you are working in, there are countless analytical tools that can come in handy. Monitor your data regularly. This will help you stay motivated. 

6. Eat healthy foods and exercise 

We all need to move and take care of our physical and mental health to be able to stay productive at work. Spending time out of the office actually gives you more opportunities to take short “fitness breaks”, you can do some stretching exercises every other hour without being embarrassed that somebody is watching you, etc. Same goes for your eating habits. The better our body feels the more efficient we are at work. 

7. Reward Yourself

Don’t be too hard on yourself. Striving for perfection is valued by your colleagues and employers but don’t cross the line of what’s healthy for you. Take time to appreciate the results of your hard work, take some time to relax, and celebrate your achievements. 

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Photos by: Karim MANJRA, Brett Jordan

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