How to Secure a Life-changing Remote job?

The labor market is evolving quickly and many are looking for a change. After the quick mass transition to remote work imposed by the pandemic, it’s now time to look ahead. Coming off of a year of remote work, some companies are now asking their employees to come back to the office at least partially. Having experienced the benefits of working from home, however, many are considering adopting the remote lifestyle in the long term. In this article, we are looking at ways to help you find a life-changing remote job that would shape your future.

Where to start? 

Surely, there isn’t a universal rulebook when it comes to finding your place in the labor market. What’s important, however, is to take chances. Being a fully remote company since the very beginning, we’ve witnessed many lives being changed because of remote work. If you feel stuck and are looking for ways to improve your lifestyle, just go for it! 

Talk to people

It might take some time before you convince yourself that a change is needed. The feeling of stability and security that a 9 to 5 office presence gives you is sometimes hard to shake off. A good way to begin the process of warming up to the idea is to talk to people that have already gone through that path. Start with people you know and trust, people you’ve worked with, and people you respect. This would build up your confidence and reassure you that you are in the right direction. 

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Like your current employer? 

If you like the company you’re working for and would like to continue your journey there, you can try and find a way to do so. Be honest with your employer and suggest a transition to a remote or a hybrid work scheme. It might seem a bit odd to ask and it might be a concern that the industry you’re working in isn’t entirely suitable for the remote lifestyle. Don’t forget that technology is now present in virtually every aspect of the world economy and there are ways to apply it to your daily tasks at least partially. Before you talk to them, take some time to prepare. Make a list of pros and cons and a well-structured presentation that would support your point.

Your own network

Locking in your first client is usually how it all starts. Sure, there are countless remote job opportunities out there. However, it’s your network that you need to dive into first when beginning this process. We are not talking about random people you’ve connected with through LinkedIn. It’s those real-life relationships you’ve established over the years that can help you connect with your future clients. People who know you and your strengths, weaknesses, and vision will best know how to direct you. Be upfront with them when sharing your vision and future career desires. 

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Job Search

If your network isn’t wide enough or you are just starting out in the labor market, a cold job search is still an option. Make sure you’ve tried the other options first before you begin this process. If you go down this road it might take longer before you land that dream gig that really suits your needs. 

Where to look? 

There are countless job boards out there offering remote jobs. Most notably We Work Remotely, Remote OK, Flex Jobs and Upwork. There are many others, of course. However, there might be a smarter way to go about it. 

Think about the field you are in and what your desired employers are. Start following them on social media, be proactive and connect with their recruitment managers. Free work can also get you far. Consider offering your expertise for a “trial period”. That can help you get noticed and eventually hired. However, be careful not to be taken advantage of for long periods of time. 

Applying for jobs that aren’t necessarily listed as remote but have the potential to be restructured for a remote setting is another approach you might want to consider. 


Highlight your strengths

As with any job, remote or not, it’s how you present yourself that will land you the position. Prepare a tailor-made CV specifically for the position you are applying for. Combine it with a motivational letter that features your relevant experience and underlines your willingness to work and further develop your qualities.

Do what you love

Don’t just apply for any job. Think about what you’re passionate about and where your heart is. Applying for just any job won’t take you far in the long run. Look for the right balance between what you’re good at and what challenges you. That will help you grow further within your knowledge and will keep you excited about your job.

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