Motion Software partners with JAMBA to empower all people

Building a diverse community and a strong team of talented professionals is what Motion Software is all about. That’s the key to both our success as an organization and also as individuals. Nurturing, caring and learning are needed in every human being’s road to a successful career and personal growth. That’s why we truly believe that all things are possible when equal opportunities are available. And that’s why we were immediately drawn to JAMBA ’s cause.

JAMBA – Career for all

When we first met JAMBA’s team we were thrilled to find out that they share the same values as us. And even more, so that they spend their time and energy in trying to create a better environment for people with diverse abilities. That’s how JAMBA calls people with disabilities. We loved that! JAMBA is also the connection between them and their future employers.

By working and communicating actively they have realized that there’s some incredible talent and potential to be uncovered. However, they have also witnessed the various obstacles that some people face on a daily basis. Especially when it comes to their professional development which is something that society rarely focuses on.

jamba career for all

Motion Software to help talented people spread their wings

JAMBA’s mission to create and facilitate the attainment of key skills in different fields inspired us to begin this exciting collaboration. We embarked on a journey to develop a new generation education platform for their website. A platform that is open to all, regardless of their specific needs. We know how important it is to constantly keep a motivated team by providing a wide range of tools, resources, trainings, educational courses, and more.

We fully understand that education is the key ingredient in one’s development, especially at the beginning of their journey. Therefore, we can only imagine how not having that opportunity might affect not only one person’s life but society as a whole.

Thank you JAMBA for inspiring us to give back, help, and hopefully play a small part in the creation of a better, healthier society that embraces and cherishes all people. Keep up the good work!


Photos by: JAMBA


Motion Software starts operating under the name of its parent company Exadel, taking effect on July 15th.

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