Motion Software CEO in the Bulgarian Industrial Association Magazine

Christo Peev, the CEO of Motion Software was featured in the September issue of the Noblesse Oblige magazine – a publication by the Bulgarian Industrial Association. A section called “The Energy of the Young” was dedicated to the accomplishments and vision of young Bulgarian entrepreneurs. 

In this post, we are looking at some of the highlights of Mr. Peev’s interview for the magazine. 

The Energy of the Young

The article puts an emphasis on Christo Peev’s professional background, education, and expertise, highlighting his higher education at the University of Bath (Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science and Master’s in Management of Innovative Technologies), his role as an investor in several companies such as FlyTheEarth, Studio Rubik, QMENTA and Ninja Bowl Sofia, and of course, his responsibility as founder and CEO of Motion Software. 

He spoke about his decision to come back to his home country and the potential it holds.

On coming back to Bulgaria

“After my graduation, I started traveling the world which allowed me to work remotely as a software developer and designer with companies from the countries I would visit. I’ve worked on projects for clients from the USA, France, Switzerland, Portugal, UK, Singapore, Germany, and Bulgaria. I’ve always strived to be able to work from anywhere and Bulgaria has been the base of all my travels.

The main reason why I stayed in Bulgaria was that I’ve been fortunate to meet friends, who inspire me to this day and motivate me to become a better version of myself. Some of them became my colleagues and partners in the businesses we work on successfully. I see great potential in our country. At the moment, it is relatively easy to start a new business in Bulgaria without too many expenses. It’s also easy to meet many enthusiastic and intelligent young people to partner with.”

On changing Bulgaria

“My travels allowed me to understand that there are far less developed countries than Bulgaria and that very little is needed for Bulgaria to become one of the five most preferred countries to live in. If I had a magic wand I would change the way people react to problems and challenges… Most of our problems can actually be solved by ourselves quickly and efficiently… I believe that quality education is the key to our development and I believe that if we put our efforts behind that we could see a huge improvement as a nation in just a few short years.”

bulgarian industrial association interview

When asked about a wise quote he would use to start his day, Mr. Peev said:

“When the student is ready, the teacher will appear”.

“I believe that the Buddhists have realized very early on that when we’re patient and dedicated to our work, success will sooner or later be inevitable.” – Christo Peev, CEO of Motion Software

Source: Noblesse Oblige Magazine (by the Bulgarian Industrial Association)



Motion Software starts operating under the name of its parent company Exadel, taking effect on July 15th.

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