Motion Force: Meet Delyanka Sirakova

“Motion Force” is back! Our 10-question interview series dedicated to Motion Software‘s team continues. Today we are talking to our creative force, our talented UX/UI designer – Delyanka Sirakova.

Delyanka Sirakova

Tell us a little bit about yourself and the kind of person you are.

I’m Delyanka and I have been a Product designer for 3 years. Since December, I’m also a certified OOUX strategist.

Unlike most girls, when I was little, I dreamed of becoming an astronaut. The beauty of the night sky and the vastness of the universe always fascinated me. My focus was on the fields of physics, biology, chemistry. Science teachers, as they usually do, expected me to become a doctor or a physicist. Fortunately, my parents didn’t freak out, when I told them I want to pursue a career in art. They advised me to become an engineer instead! And I am. Almost. I study Design Engineering.

Design is the perfect balance between my love for science and my need for expression. It wasn’t love at first sight. With time I learned to embrace the mistakes and overcome my fears. I found my passion and purpose – to create memorable web experiences.

Learning new skills is my lifestyle, it is the air that I breathe. I inhale knowledge and exhale creativity. I gain a lot of inspiration from the natural world, from cognitive sciences as well as from a variety of crafts. I love experimentation. Challenges excite me. Teaching the knowledge to others and passing it forward is the next best thing.

My interests include science fiction; traveling; ecology; object-oriented user experience; ergonomics; Illustration; motion design; animation; storytelling; creative writing; astronomy; psychology; live-action role-playing games (not the kinky stuff), historical reenactment, board games; sculpturing (oh.. this list will never end); oil painting; portraiture; gardening… and more. And you would never guess – I’m kind of introverted.

Why did you decide to join Motion Software as a UX/UI designer?

Long story short – My university demanded that the students have an internship.

Haven’t we all been there – into the unknown? First job, first interview, first real clients. I dived head in, not knowing where it might lead me.

I used to work for a cheese and wine shop for a year and a half. It was a temporary student job. A great one nonetheless. It taught me how to communicate with customers. But sales was not my cup of tea.

Before joining Motion Software I did not know digital product design’s value. I had no experience in the industry. I learned how impactful design is in the process of creation. It took baby steps. Naively, in the beginning, I thought that web design is for making websites pretty and for perpetuating consummation. The first rule of growing up – learn from your mistakes. And I did learn.

User experience (UX) and user interface (UI) design are the means to build systems that are easy to understand and use. The main goal is to increase efficiency, reduce cost, give meaning and value. 

A – Designers give shape to ideas.

B – Ideas drive the world forward. 

Therefore, as clear as two plus two equals four, A+B = designers drive the world forward. Designers are the creative force of the world. They innovate, explore and solve problems (on a conceptual level). I wanted to be exactly that!

How do you combine your lifestyle with the demands of your role?

Traveling while being able to work from anywhere – that was a goal that I didn’t imagine achieving from my second job attempt. To be a full-time student on a part-time job with the privilege to work from everywhere – it was a dream come true.

During my third year in uni, I was invited to Finland for a 3-month Erasmus+ internship at Oulu University. Invited! It was an opportunity of a lifetime. Christo, the CEO of Motion Software, not only didn’t mind – he encouraged me to go! No matter the challenges I have and the places I go, I know my work will always fit in.

For a year now, I have worked full-time from home. I am often in and out of a state of flow – hyper-focused. Being able to manage my own time and not having a strict nine-to-five time frame helps me perform at my best.

What do you most like about working at the company?

Broadly speaking, I “came for the fame” and stayed for the people in Motion Software – visionaries, dreamers, professionals. People that are fun to be around, and whom you can rely on. The team encourages me to learn more, to develop myself, and to pass it on to others.

I’m a natural problem solver. I collaborate with ease. I feel victorious when the clients that I work with understand and enjoy the creative process. The company gives me the freedom to express my vision and give feedback whenever I see room for improvement.

delyanka motion

What is most challenging about working as a designer at Motion Software?

Definitely deadlines. 

We have a very small design team with mid to beginner stage designers. There are no strict rules for the design methodology we use. This means that more time is dedicated to learning new ways to solve problems. Although this is exciting and fun, it takes time from the actual design creation. Me being a perfectionist, I always find things to improve in the designs at all stages. Especially near the deadlines. “Finished, not perfect” Is a mantra that I constantly remind myself of.

What are you currently working on?

I’m working on two projects. For the first, I’m finishing up the work. It is a healthcare application that we started in October 2020 from scratch. That included logo design, branding, user research, and design for web and mobile. 

The other project that I work on is with the leadership of Motion Software. We started redesigning the website of Motion Software with an emphasis on our community.

What does a typical workday look like for you?

Every day is a new opportunity to expand my knowledge, to challenge my perceptions. To go a step ahead of where I was yesterday. My work fits perfectly with my mindset.

When I wake up, I read a few pages of a book. Currently, my morning read is UX Magic from Daniel Rosenberg. Great book, highly recommended to any product designer! Then, I define my goals and tasks for the day, if I hadn’t the previous night. And off I go – solving problems, building flow charts, story mapping, and doing all sorts of UX Magic. All-day, every day.

My day ends with a few hours dedicated to one of my hobbies or personal projects. I take evening walks. Often I end up sketching or drawing late in the night. Sometimes even until early morning. My mind explodes with ideas after midnight.

What is the setting you most like to work in?

Chill music and surrounded by sweets. I enjoy the peace and quiet. Having someone around to share ideas with during the day is a bonus.

Which technology do you like best working with and why?

I use technology to track my savings and time. Mobile apps such as Wallet, Habits, and Toggle help me organize my life faster and more precisely.

During work, I like using Whimsical and Miro for collaborative works as whiteboards. Design I do with Adobe XD and illustration in Adobe Ai. Sometimes I do digital art in Photoshop. The Adobe Cloud, although sometimes too overwhelming, is great for overall work.

The toughest situation you have found yourself in this year and what did you learn from it?

The year is just beginning, there were not many tough situations so far. The only one worthy of mentioning is my newest endeavor – I’m planning to create a blog. It is still an idea, but I hope it will help me learn to be persistent. I decided to improve my writing skills while teaching OOUX. I am finding my unique voice and purpose in the world. And, hey, problem-solving is my favorite activity. I will figure it out!

delyanka sirakova motion force


Motion Software starts operating under the name of its parent company Exadel, taking effect on July 15th.

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