Breeze is a new digital interactive smart menu that was created to facilitate the dine-in experience at a restaurant. With a small team of four, Breeze has been operating since 2019 and already has a solid portfolio of recognizable names.


The platform allows dine-in customers to view menus, order and process payments from their personal devices by scanning a QR code. There is no need to download an app or sign up, as the software integrates directly with a restaurant’s existing POS system.

The platform itself is designed to be simple, navigable and aesthetically pleasing. The streamlined and minimalistic layout improves user experience, increases size compatibility with various menus and POS systems, and enhances loading speed and efficiency. The platform allows restaurants to highlight their best items, update in real time and create multiple menus that are instantly interchangeable.


Motion does a great job of understanding your goals and then suggesting exactly the right engineer(s) for the job. Whenever we have a challenging project ahead of us – no matter how abstract – they’ve been able to help us meaningfully.

— Stefan Кouumdjiev, CEO of Breeze


Breeze was a modestly funded startup looking to get a quick MVP out in the market. They needed a team of mobile and web developers who could build an app from the ground up and seek it to production.


Motion Software provided a small team of 3 developers with experience in web and hybrid mobile development, who created a web and mobile version of the Breeze app, integrated it successfully with existing POS and back-end solutions and sought it to production in a timely manner.


The Breeze app is used in some of the most recognisable restaurants in NYC, continuing to grow as a client base and looking at its next phase of development.


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