Summer #lifeinmotion Outpost in Sinemorets

The Global Impact of Biophilic Design in the Workplace study showed that people who work in spaces with natural features reported 15% higher levels of overall employee wellbeing. That’s why Motion Software’s community members gather together every two-three months in a remote location to work, connect with nature, assess the local food scene, and get to know each other. We call this concept a #lifeinmotion outpost.

The company covers lodging and food, and makes sure our employees are well-traveled, there’s good Wi-Fi, always enough private space for each one to work in quiet, but also a nice area to hang out with fellow developers. In the late noon, our Community manager – Lubomira – usually organizes adventures and fun experiences.

Between 12 and 26 of June, we had a 2-week outpost on the Bulgarian Black Sea coastline in the charming village of Sinemorets.

Why Sinemorets?

Sinemorets is dwelled in the far southeastern part of Bulgaria, close to the Turkish border. The village is right on the sea, next to the picturesque Veleka River. Apart from the breathtaking nature, we love the fact that Sinemorets is more chilled and isolated compared to the popular seaside resorts. The place totally resonates with Motion Software’s philosophy.

Team Bonding Activities

When we weren’t coding or attending a work call, we treated ourselves to yoga sessions on the balcony, board games, idyllic beaches, swimming, beach volleyball, and visiting the local gelateria (no exaggeration here – it was every single day).

And explore we did. We jumped to Varvara – a village in southeastern Bulgaria, located 10 km from Sinemorets, lodged on the territory of Strandzha Nature Park. There is a legend that the name of the village Varvara comes from the word “barbarians”, as the Thracian tribes inhabiting its territory often attacked the inhabitants of Ahtopol, a few kilometers away.

Your Colleagues Become Family

If you are a remote worker, there is a high chance you will never meet your colleagues. And while many remote organisations don’t care about this aspect, we do. Joining a #lifeinmotion outpost is the ideal opportunity to meet your colleagues in person and work and have fun together. We usually return from these team events with a bunch of new friends.

Planning on visiting one of the upcoming outposts? That’s a deliberate choice for a life of freedom and happiness. We’re thrilled that more and more digital specialists share common values and culture and join our thriving tech community.

Where was the team in May? Read about that here.

Or learn more about Motion Software from this video.


Motion Software starts operating under the name of its parent company Exadel, taking effect on July 15th.

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