The Bootcamp – the first chapter of my Motion Software adventure

After sharing my fantastic experience at the summer teambuilding of Motion Software, I am back with another chapter (the first one, in fact) of my life as part of the Motion community – Motion Software’s Bootcamp 2021 (Spring Edition). The Bootcamp is a collaboration between Motion Software and SoftUni. It’s an initiative that helps talented young professionals gain the necessary skills and experience to become successful digital specialists and entrepreneurs.

How it all began

After a quick and friendly submission process, I got the unique opportunity to be part of the spring edition this year. And here I am sharing my experience with it. I applied quickly and easily and got a short time to complete an engaging task as an entrance exam for the Bootcamp. 

A couple of days later, I got an interview invitation with the company’s CTO Elian Kurtenkov. After chatting with him for a couple of minutes, I was sure that this Bootcamp would be one of my most important professional experiences. Being a marketing specialist for more than 13 years gave me some self-esteem that I will deal fruitfully with the 3-month training program. Indeed, I was pretty inexperienced with the SaaS industry back then. Still, my participation in the program taught me how to translate my ideas from theory into practice. And most importantly, how to upgrade my knowledge. 

motion software bootcamp

The mentors

What I liked the most about the Bootcamp was both my team and my mentors. All participants were selected based on their professional interests – marketing, design, and web development. The teams were guided through the process by top specialists in the fields. I was lucky enough to be mentored by Motion’s CEO Christo Peev, the CTO Elian Kurtenkov, and the Community Manager Lubomira Stoynova.   

The task

The product we were asked to develop from scratch was a revolutionary newsletter desktop application. The challenge was obvious; To get rid of spam and bring back the joy of reading newsletters with the best possible solution; a user-friendly newsletter app with core functionalities, must-have features, modern and intuitive design, and strong branding. 

the bootcamp experience

The process

It was all very creative and productive but also very challenging. All participants were part of competing teams, working on the same tasks. At the end of these thrilling three months, we all had to present our team projects. And it’s so not about whether the participant was part of the winning or losing team at the end. We all had an equal chance to get a job at Motion Software or some of its partners. The involvement of each participant was evaluated based on their weekly progress and fulfillment of the tasks. The company’s CEO was initiating calls with all the Bootcamp team members to boost their career paths and facilitate their career acceleration. 

If my story inspired you, do not hesitate to apply for the upcoming Bootcamp. The selection process is indeed highly competitive.  There are hundreds of applicants. The most motivated individuals will enroll in the 3-month training program in software development, design, or marketing. And trust me, it is worth every effort. All the trainers have real-life experience within the industry and are eager to share their knowledge and insights through lectures, exercises, and foster teamwork and collaboration. And most importantly, to guide you to your new inspiring job. 


Iglika Kassabova is a digital strategic marketer and a creative writer with more than 15 years of experience worldwide. A passionate cinema geek, skier and windsurfer, camping enthusiast, and backpacker.


Motion Software starts operating under the name of its parent company Exadel, taking effect on July 15th.

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