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As a part of community full of curious and passionate people we at Motion Software are always trying to surpass ourselves in everything we do. However as we enhance our knowledge we believe in “sharing is caring” and that is why we brought to life our new project – Motion Mini Conf.

Motion Mini Conf is a series of gatherings with our colleges, partners & friends while discussing what’s trendy and vital for business. That is exactly what we did last week at our new office – Work & Share.

We were thrilled to hear out our guest speakers about some of the hottest topics around the IT industry. For those who were not there we’ve wrapped up some highlights you may find interesting.


Privacy and Blockchain


Privacy & Blockchain?

Our first speaker’s attention has been preoccupied by a chunk of new technology that empowers people to become self-reliant in their business and daily affairs.

Meet Niki – a blockchain developer and trainer in the field. He introduced us to the technology fundamentals and reveals some secrets about Achieving Privacy in Public Blockchains.

Is that even possible you may ask? Take a look at his presentation and find out. For more blockchain related questions you can contact him personally at nikolay@nikolaytech.com.


The importance of customer acquisition.

The cost of acquiring new customers in the last few years has increased. Marketing is booming and has become much more expensive and besides that customers became much more demanding. These are straight facts, but that doesn’t mean companies should just give up,  it’s exactly the opposite – companies should get smarter. You all know the saying “Work smarter not harder.”

Our guest speaker Dobri gave us some valuable information about winning big with customers. Dobri’s background is solid – from working at Yahoo and Google to co-founder of SaaS Studio. His experience and insights of what has and hasn’t worked were more than interesting.

If you are curious to find out more, check out his presentation here or follow him on twitter @dobri_dobrev_.


Soft skills matter!

We’ve spent some time talking about soft skills or ‘where machines can’t compete’.

Marina is a lead graphic designer @Motion Software. She has many hobbies, one of which is psychology and people’s behaviour in working environment. Marina introduced some solid statistics about the demand shifting in business and why we should work both on our hard and soft skills.

We answered some very interesting questions:

What are the trends transforming the workplace?
Which are the soft skills in high demand?
How we asset soft skills?

… and more

Find the answers here. Having more questions – follow her on twitter @marinailieva.


In conclusion

Every part of the business, from product design and development to finance and marketing is glued to one another. Isn’t that what makes us all connected? If so why shouldn’t we pay more attention to what is happening beyond our expertise? 

Motion Mini Conf Series is happening to enrich all of you, who are willing to know more.

Stay tuned for our next edition!


Motion Software starts operating under the name of its parent company Exadel, taking effect on July 15th.

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