What We Miss About the Traditional Office?

We’ve all got accustomed to the advantages of working remotely. But let’s be honest. There are certain things we have to admit we miss about the traditional office. Remember, the one from back in the day? The more time we spend at home the more we realize that we really do need some of those office patterns to feel connected and inspired.

At Motion Software, working remotely has been the way we were since the very beginning, way before the pandemic. Over the course of the years we’ve understood that the challenges that arise when we’re all working remotely need to be addressed. That’s why our offices are constantly available to all in case the members of our team want to achieve a hybrid working schedule. And truth is, we’ve realized that what people truly miss isn’t the office space itself, nor the equipment and amenities provided. It’s all about that coffee.

Coffee at the office

coffee at the office

Of course, we are not talking about the coffee itself. It’s that coffee break with your colleagues that’s missing. The small talk and little moments that create that sense of community and belonging. 

That void will inevitably appear if your company hasn’t taken the necessary steps when considering their remote-work policy. We’ve realized that to achieve a culture that nurtures those little moments more effort is required than what you’re used to at the office. Doubling the active engagement practices is a good start.

Good practices

Here are just a few examples of what we’re doing at Motion Software:

  • Birthdays and life-affirming moments are celebrated loudly and proudly in our inner channels. You might consider using emails, newsletters, chat groups, Slack channels, etc.
  • Our weekly after-work virtual game night is a team favorite. Teaming up with your colleagues for some fun activities never gets old.
  • We’ve also introduced coffee-break roulettes during work hours as a useful tool to recreate the office chat in a remote setting. 
  • Team buildings and activities in person have now become even more important
  • Our wonderful Community & People manager brings us all together

Remote work is here to stay whilst having a team that feels included is as important as ever. Don’t forget, this won’t just happen. It requires a clear vision and understanding of human relations and the nature of human communication. People will always need social interaction, no matter what. It should be in each company’s list of essentials to facilitate that process.

Photos by: Nastuh Abootalebi, Cathryn Lavery, Etienne Boulanger

human connection

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