Working on J.Lo’s First Ever Video Game

Not to brag about it but… Motion Software recently took part in the development of an exciting project – Jennifer Lopez’s first-ever video game! J.Lo’s fashion collaboration with DSW (Designer Shoe Warehouse) led to the creation of a fun video game in celebration of the launch of their fall shoe collection.

Back in the style game

“#HitPlay and get back in the style game with Jennifer Lopez” – DSW’s clever way of inspiring music fans and fashionistas alike to try the new game while earning DSW VIP points. 

J.Lo’s Hit Play and Motion Software

Motion Software received the task to work on the landing page and the game itself. A team of two (1 game developer and 1 software developer) took the project under their wing and completed the task in less than 20 days. The website was made with ReactJS whereas the actual game was developed using Unity. This resulted in a 90’s inspired addictive 8-bit browser game you won’t regret trying. 

J.Lo's Hit Play

The Game

The game itself is not a standalone project. It is part of a clever marketing campaign for Jennifer Lopez’s footwear collaboration with DSW. The game will take you down memory lane as it is based on the concept of old flash games. The concept was developed through a partnership between global creative studio, New Moon, and acclaimed pixel artist and animator Zak Amana. The game already made the media rounds:

“It follows a J.Lo-inspired protagonist running through the streets of three different cities (New York, LA, and Miami), and the goal is to get as many points by jumping and running into floating pink shoes.” –

J.Lo about Hit Play

“It was so much fun creating the game! It’s 8-bit, so it’s got that old-school vibe with a fun and fresh twist. The game levels are inspired by my three favourite cities – New York, Los Angeles and Miami – and incorporate elements of my life into each level. New York is set in the Bronx and shows the subway station I grew up riding, the LA level has a movie set and Miami incorporates my favourite escape, the beach. I can’t wait for everyone to check it out.”

And yes, that is JLo saying “Don’t quit now!”. Give it a try


Motion Software starts operating under the name of its parent company Exadel, taking effect on July 15th.

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