Associate/Middle Data Processor Engineer

  • Data Analysis
  • BIM
  • Python
  • R
  • Excel
  • SPSS
ABOUT the job

If you are ready to unleash your creativity in the world of marketing and communications then join our project and help us develop innovative analytical solutions that support companies in optimizing their marketing and communications budgets.
Using analytical and econometric approaches, we answer crucial questions like "What media mix is most effective in communicating my brand message?" and "How much should I invest in media and marketing?"
Our software tools and decision-support solutions combine market research, data, modeling, and technical business intelligence to provide cutting-edge solutions.

What you will do:
• Check and analyze existing data sources
• Build data architecture
• Create data pipelines
• Evaluate business needs and objectives
• Build algorithms and prototypes
• Explore ways to enhance data quality and reliability

Job Location

Remote, (Bulgaria, Hungary, Georgia, Uzbekistan, Poland)


Ready to revolutionize the world of marketing? Our company offers cutting-edge marketing decision support systems that empower brands, media/creative agencies, and media owners across the globe. With expertise in Business Analytics, Communication Planning, Expertise & Innovation, and Analytics & Research, our company's tools provide strategic and tactical support to large advertisers, media agencies, and media owners. Be part of the revolution and join us in shaping the future of marketing!

ABOUT the candidate

• Passionate about creating reliable, scalable, and well-documented code
• A proactive go-getter who constantly seeks out opportunities to expand their skills and solve complex data processing problems
• Fluent in English with excellent communication skills, both written and spoken
• Comfortable integrating, managing, and optimizing data storage solutions
• A fearless decision-maker who takes ownership of monitoring the health and security of the application
• Unstoppable in exploring innovative ways to improve the data processing application based on company goals
• An exceptional communicator who collaborates closely with stakeholders and team members to ensure successful project delivery


• Bachelor’s or master’s degree in business informatics/BIM, statistics, applied mathematics (BSc), or similarly data intensive
• 0-2+ years of data analysis/engineer experience
• Result-driven mentality and affinity with data and research
• Affinity with software and quantitative techniques
• Experience with Python or R
• Excel or SPSS knowledge is a plus
• Analytical thinking combined with a good eye for details
• Keen eye to automate and improve processes



This is a full-time job opportunity, where you’d be working on projects lasting 12 months on average.  At the end of the period, you will be able to continue being a Pro Consultant by getting assigned to another exciting project. The continuity of your permanent employment with all social and additional benefits included is guaranteed by Motion Software.

Senior Software Engineer
Motion Software provides a unique work environment that allows for remote/hybrid working, providing the best of both worlds. Projects that I've worked on are both exciting and challenging and have helped me grow both professionally and personally. The company frequently organizes team-building events and creates a fun and energetic work environment that fosters camaraderie and collaboration among employees. I like that people in Motion Software are fun, easy-going and very active. Working in Motion Software feels a lot more like a cool gathering with your friends, than just a job.
Full-Stack Developer
Be able to work from any point in the world. Friendly and communicative team members and crew. Be able to speak freely and open to anyone from the company. Helpful and understanding staff and members.
Remote Work Advisor
Fully remote, flex hours, great benefits and community around the company. Great working place for people with different lifestyles, mum - friendly and with a great vibe.



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